About CYFworld


Our mission is to create a space and unity among those with a desire to embrace who we truly are and the connection we all share.  We offer resources that enable individuals to determine their own reality, from simple tasks to overall personal fulfillment.  We will actively help those who cannot or do not know how to help themselves. We will partner with those with a similar purpose and desire to further this mission.  

How did it start?

CYFworld mission started unconsciously as fear and emotional distress took hold of me as a child. As I grew and struggled with my own state of mind, I found purpose in using my experiences, and perspective from what I witnessed those around me going through, to help others. In my childhood journal I wrote, "It's as if I was put here on earth to help others."  I came to learn that fear is the opposite of life and living.  From that stemmed a desire to eliminate that fear for myself and others.

Vision & Purpose

We CAN all control our reality and obtain true personal fulfillment, regardless of the circumstances that we have been placed within. We will not blindly follow the plan that others have for us, nor will we embrace words of discouragement that keeps us from fulfilling our own Personal Legend, "and when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same" (Marianne Williamson).  We will unite with others with a similar mission and organize a community that will change the world for the positive, one small act at a time 

The Concept is Born

One of many defining moments in my life came as I saw my marriage falling apart before my eyes. To the outsider, my life looked perfect. I was respected within my profession with a good paying job that enabled me to lead a team that made a positive difference on a terrible orphan disease. I was married with four smart and healthy children with a nice house in a great neighborhood. But, my entire world seemed to be falling apart beneath my feet.  During this time in my life, I spent hours in the desert by my home in the very early or late hours of the day and night. It was a place I used to escape. One early morning, I stood contemplating the concept of Controlling your Reality. I also contemplated what others had said about Fate and how things may be predestined to occur. I considered that there are things that may occur beyond our control, but at the same time, I have no doubt that we can choose much of our "fate" and have a choice over how what does occur that is truly out of our control impacts our lives. With a stick I held in my right hand, I wrote CYF (Choose Your Fate) in the desert sand. At the very moment I finished, two groups of coyotes howled around me. Chills ran down my spine and the CYFworld concept was born. 

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