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Get Involved and Create CYFworld. You have wisdom, knowledge, experience and perspective that only you have...and it needs to be heard. Share what's inside you and speaks to any angle around the Choose Your Fate concept. 

  • What have you struggled with and overcome?
  • What insight, knowledge, or perspective have you gained from your most challenging life circumstances? 
  • Who do you know that needs to be highlighted for the incredible person they are? What did they do? What was the outcome? 
  • Who do you know that made a real difference in someone else's life?
  • Share about when someone stood up for someone that did not have the knowledge, confidence or ability to stand up for themselves.

There is someone that needs to hear what you have to say, but they are only going to see it if you take the time to step outside of your comfort zone to share it. 

Not confident in your writing ability? Provide the thoughts and experiences you have, and if your story is chosen, we'll help.

  • Choose EMPOWERMENT by taking accountability for your circumstances and by taking control of today and your future with empowering thoughts and actions that lead towards your life's goals
  • Choose LEADERSHIP with action directed towards doing what is right and by empowering others
  • Choose LIFE by celebrating yourself and others demonstrating integrity, courage, positive perspective, encouragement, unity and strength. 


Share Your Story

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