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Lulled by Travis N. Jensen


Back Cover Summary

Although the characters in this novel are somewhat fictitious, the psychological and sociological struggles are real…as are the truths that overcome the tangible lull within society and self.  

After receiving a challenge to uncover the cause and solution to a notable emotional numbing within society from their University Sociology Professor, Malcolm Wright and Stephanie Petersen run into a conspiracy that goes higher and deeper than either could have ever imagined. People have been killed to protect this secret and more will die. The friends they can trust are few, and the danger they encounter is real. The risk from the emotional lull caused by these people in government positions, moved by the need for power and control, is only part of what each must overcome. There are demons that haunt the core of their soul, which started long before this artificial lull. What they learn about the world they thought they knew, coupled with the core of who they have become, spirals them into a daunting struggle for life. There is much at stake. The entire country, and who they truly are, is at risk.  

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About the Author


Travis Jensen is an innovator with a passion for real and positive change.  Life experiences offered perspective early on, where even in his childhood journal he wrote, “it’s as if I was put here on earth to help others.” He developed as a concept to create space and unity among those with a desire to embrace who we truly are and the connection we all share. With this concept, he works with others to offer resources that enable individuals to determine their own reality, regardless of their current place in life. Travis has lead teams of individuals in creating positive change. With his father an outdoorsman and his mother a teacher and author, he gained a passion for both, where he finds his release through writing and spending time in the mountains of Northern Arizona. Today, he lives in Phoenix with 8 children, as part of a blended family, and his life’s partner and soulmate. 

What are others saying about Lulled?


"Lulled sticks reality right in your face and makes you consider what's going on in the world today"

"This book is about overcoming hardships, finding fulfillment, and in the end, finding peace with one's self."

"...I recommend, not just reading Lulled, but contemplating implications it presents." 

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