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Many misperceptions surround the concept of sales. Some people desire to enter a sales profession because they perceive it as an easy way to make good money. Others have a strong alternative reaction, declaring “sales is not for me,” while displaying an expression that highlights the gut wrenching thought of having to do it.


Both altering views represent a lack of understanding of what real sales is. Even many of those currently making a career within the sales profession lack an understanding of the difference between selling and manipulation, as well as the difference between coercing an action and providing something the customer wants, and in many cases, needs. 

The fact is that every life is impacted by sales. Each person is presented with selling opportunities that impacts our lives every day, both in being sold to and in having the opportunity to sell. Understanding and incorporating real sales, places you in the arena of life.

Everyone is a Salesperson


Sales is the act of helping others live a better life. It is the creation of win-win outcomes that transforms our home, communities and profession, regardless of our place in society. Understanding and developing the right sales skills can and will positively transform the world around you. 

What is EMPOWERED Selling?


Just like Albert Einstein’s breakthrough equation for Energy (E=mc2) paved the way for nuclear power by altering our view of the incredible potential for stable mass, the formula for Empowered Selling (E=mcs2) transforms the impact we have in the world run by sales. Empowered Selling is more than sales skills. Empowered Selling is empowerment through life skills.


The specific formula for Empowered Selling is E=mcs2. 

Mission (m) includes the mission of the product or concept, the mission of the person selling, AND the mission of the person being sold to. What are the goals of each? What drives or motivates the seller? What drives or motivates the customer? All are important in bringing about mutually beneficial action. 

Connection (c) relates to how the product or concept is relevant to the mission of the person or people being sold to by fulfilling an unmet need. In addition to connecting the dots of relevancy, the old adage of “people don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care” is also a component of connection. Truly understanding your customer and making relevant personal and professional connections that the customer can relate to, increases sales success. In general, people are more open to buy from those who share common traits, interests, experiences, or beliefs. One thing I have learned from sitting next to all types of people throughout my travels both in and out of the United States is this; we all have much more in common than we think.

Simple & Specific (s) makes the selling message concrete and memorable. A more simple and specific explanation results in greater impact. Exactly how will the person being sold to benefit? Exactly what does the customer need to do in order to receive that benefit? This concept means eliminating all unnecessary words and being very clear with relevant features, benefits, and actions required.

Smother (s) involves reinforcement, reminders, and supplementation with additional resources or knowledge needed to follow through with the desired mutually beneficial action and to create long-term sales relationships. 


EMPOWERED Selling, regardless of your role



Helping a 6-year-old child understand why it is important to brush his teeth every night before bed to prevent cavities, toothache, uncomfortable dentist visits, and to maintain fresh breath, to the extent that the young child is moved to consistent action without parental micromanagement is EMPOWERD Selling. 

In contrast, a child who only brushes his teeth as a result threats or micromanagement, without the child gaining real understanding of relevant benefits (connection) and without the consistent early reinforcement required (smother) to form that habit is not EMPOWERED Selling. Once there is no longer micromanagement or the ability to follow-through on threats, the child is more likely to miss brushing his teeth. An example could be when your child spends the night at a friend’s house. 

Doctor's Visit

From the patient’s perspective, helping the physician understand that the trouble she has catching her breath and the fatigue she experiences with routine activity is much more than just being out of shape, to the extent that the physician is moved from just counseling her on diet and exercise to referring her to a specialist to rule out more serious conditions, is EMPOWERED Selling. The mutually beneficial component is that the patient receives the correct diagnosis and help for that condition, and the physician receives better patient outcome ratings with reduced patient hospitalizations.


Moving a high school track athlete from words that are intended to motivate, but that fall flat, to words and actions that instill true belief in her ability to do more than she originally thought possible on the track is EMPOWERED Selling. “I believe in you. You can do anything if you work hard” can fail to have the intended impact if the track athlete’s internal dialogue counteracts those words with the self-sabotaging notion of, “I’ll disappoint them anyways, so I won’t try.” What is the difference between the two? True relevance (connection) to what the athlete needs to hear and see, simple and specific measures of progress, and smothering to celebrate wins and reinforce the positive comments.



EMPOWERMENT through Sales

Its more than a book on sales. It's a book on life!

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