Overcoming Fear, Stress and Anxiety


Getting rid of the Noise

Significant health problems can occur with consistent states of high anxiety and stress. The internal noise causing fear and anxiety can be relentless, which can be roadblocks to fulfilling achievement. The more you walk through your fears, the more freedom and positive exhilaration you will feel. Just like anything else, skills can be learned and applied to help. Acceptance, Presence, Mindfulness, and Self-Talk are learned skills that help to decrease that limiting internal noise. 

Acceptance, Presence, Mindfulness, and Self-Talk

Acceptance: If you don't like your situation, change it. If you can't change it, accept it. Happiness is not determined by your situation. Happiness is determined by your thoughts around it. If your focus continues to be on the problem, that is all you see. If your focus is on how to work with or around your current situation, you will find the path that gets you through. Eliminate the belief that things should be different.  They aren't. Maybe they aren't supposed to be.  

Presence: Now is the only true reality. The past is gone and tomorrow is never a guarantee. Embrace it, live it, love it...and you will see your life, your relationships, and your peace of mind transform in a positive way.

Mindfulness: In order to be present, you must be mindful. Stop going through the motions and the to-dos. Focus on the NOW. Engage your senses. What is going on around you? What do you see, hear, feel, taste or notice going on right now? Simple attention to things as ordinary as your breathing can bring you from somewhere else in your mind to the present moment. Take time to practice on routine activities. You will notice the world and personal interaction come alive around you.

Self Talk: Studies have shown that developing awareness of current positive and negative self-talk is often the first step towards fulfilling achievement.  Follow that recognition with positive self-talk skills, and what once seemed too overwhelming to attempt, now becomes possible. Implementation of positive self-talk skills can have a significant impact on self-confidence, the people you attract, personal health, and the way you view the world. At a subatomic level, Quantum Physics has shown that living things are emitters and receivers of energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy that has a real impact on the physical world around us. Put this skill into practice and you'll be amazed by the results!

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Fulfilling Achievement

Whether looking for a parking spot in a busy mall or creating a successful business, Intention and Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable are the cornerstones to achieving these goals. With that being said, there is a clear difference between achievement and FULFILLING achievement. That difference lies with what has been termed as Non-Attachment and Ego. 

Intention, Non-Attachment, Ego & Becoming Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Intention is putting what you want and what you need out to God, the world, the universe, or whatever you embrace as larger than yourself. Declaring what it is you're going to achieve to others, writing it down, and prayer are strong examples of Intention. Continue until you allow yourself to believe and eventually know that what you are declaring is more than just a possibility.

Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: Experience freedom and self-confidence by walking through small fears and expanding them to a state of being comfortable being uncomfortable. It does not mean that fear goes away, but it becomes manageable and life becomes more fulfilling as you accomplish things you had never dreamed of accomplishing before. 

Non-Attachment is when your self-worth is not dictated by the outcome. Happiness is no longer determined from what you cannot control now.

Ego: People often do not realize the illusion of self until after a collapse of their self-identity associated with things, body, or thoughts (i.e. bankruptcy, divorce, maimed or injured body). When you choose to resist what happened by becoming bitter or deeply resentful, the shell of the Ego is hardened. This stifles fulfilling achievement and happiness in life. Separate who you are from things of the world. 

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Feed the Soul


Continue to feed the soul by reading and listening to inspirational works and people. Others have and continue to battle fear, stress, and anxiety. Learn from what others have experienced. Focus on the path through and continue to build upon that daily. Below are some quotes from Lulled, where the characters within this novel were faced with what seemed to be insurmountable struggle, fear, and stress. Remember, hardships passed through can result in some of our greatest blessings by creating greater depth and perspective for the future.

"Some are blessed with ability that can be highlighted on the field, some are blessed with the ability to solve problems and create solutions for the world to use, and ALL are blessed by being part of what unites us all…that part of us, that makes each one of us INCREDIBLE. Always remember that. Know that. Feel that. Embrace that. And, BE that. You are important because of who you are, beyond the abilities and limitations your body and your mind provide you.” – Cliff Patterson 

“Believe in yourself. Know what I know. Follow your dreams, and above all, be happy” – Bruce Dobson

“It doesn’t matter what happens, you CAN STILL WIN!” - Rajan 

“Every time the sun comes up, look for something you didn’t see before. If you look to see something new, something beautiful, you will always find it.” – Mike Petersen

“There are times, sometimes very long times, that we forget who we are, where we come from, and what we are a part of. Sometimes we feel dead in a sense, but there is always a rebirth, a remembering from that part of us that never forgets.” – Mike Petersen

“You don’t need anyone else to obtain all that God is or has. It’s within you. It’s a part of you.” - Mike Petersen 

“At this moment, you are where you are meant to be …when you realize that, life happens.” – Eckhart Tolle

“Follow your Bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell 

“If I were not afraid, if I were not alone, what would I do at this moment?” – unknown

“Enlightenment for a wave is the moment wave realizes that it is water. At that moment all fear of death disappears.” –Thich Nhat Hanh.

“The mind and the body are linked. Use your body to expel all that anger, hurt and pain your mind has refused to let go. It’s not about forgetting, it's about moving forward…taking control of your future.” - Mark Walker 

More from Lulled

A Greater Purpose: Inside you already know...


In survival situations, when fear, stress and anxiety are at its max, connection with a Greater Purpose is often the difference between living and dying.  There are seemingly very fulfilled and spiritual people that hold onto very different theologies, beliefs, and purpose.  Find your greater purpose, which will often grow and adapt through life experiences.  Only you can determine what that is.

Questions to contemplate when considering a theology or personal philosophy:

  • Does it create unity or cause division?
  • Does it bring out your best self?
  • Are you able to embrace your authentic self without guilt or feeling "less than?"
  • Does it help others?
  • Are there those that it harms?
  • Are you able to freely express thoughts and opinions, or are you censored?
  • Are your actions directed by a desire to do and be more, or through fear, guilt or shame?
  • Could you display the actions of the belief throughout the world and to any audience without regret?
  • Do you have a direct link to your higher power, or is there a person designated as a liaison?
  • Do you feel uplifted when following a belief, or do you follow principles out of guilt?
  • Are you able to hold to principles that speak to your heart and let go of those that do not?
  • Are some people placed above others, or separated as more important within the congregation or belief?
  • Does it strengthen your family and relationships?


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