Fight Attitude & Survivor Mentality

Fight Attitude


Don't hesitate, Act!

The person who strikes first and who does it decisively has a clear advantage.

In a Street Fight or Attack, there are no rules:

Do everything you need to do to survive. This concept often takes time to come to grips with because most people are raised to be nice, kind to others and fight "fair," but this can also be the difference between going home and significant bodily harm. When attacked, an aggressive and determined mentality will often be what determines the outcome.

Do not stop until the threat is neutralized or there is space to flee:

Too often the upper hand is lost by stopping and allowing the attacker to recover, or by choosing to stay around when there is an opportunity to leave the situation. At the same time, once the attacker is neutralized, stop and distance yourself from the situation.

Visualize what you will do in self defense situations:

Examples include: 

  • confronted aggressively
  • hit from behind
  • grabbed
  • waking up to someone on top of you
  • family member being harassed
  • confronted with a weapon.

Know what your fighting for:

You deserve to come home safe and unharmed; so does your spouse, your children, and innocent people who cannot protect their own self. Internalize why you may have to be aggressive and vicious, so when the moment comes, you won't hesitate when there is no other option.

Survivor Mentality

It not only helps in a survival situation, it has a positive impact on life


"Control your Brain, Control your Life" 

Exercises to strengthen your Survivor Mentality

Practice Positive Outlook: Be deliberate about a "can-do attitude" in everyday life. Be conscious about what CAN be accomplished versus what you cannot do.

Grow you Mental Toughness: Practice stepping out of your comfort zone. Be deliberate about setting goals, accomplishing new things and recognizing those accomplishments each day.

Be conscious about your worth and the reason you have for living. Recognize 3-5 things you love about yourself every morning. Recognize what accomplishments you're proud of each day. Recognize 3-5 things you are grateful for before laying down to bed. Recognition of your worth and/or devotion to something greater than yourself, like a life purpose or God is often the difference found in those who do survive. Being conscious about gratitude transforms the world you live in.

Overcome Guilt: NO MEANS NO. It does not matter what someone else did for you. It does not matter what situation you willingly put yourself into.  You have the right to determine what you do and what happens to your body at ANY moment.

Avoid But: "I would fight back, but..." "I would say no, but..." Your best chance to fight back and survive is now. You have the right to change what you do at ANY moment.

Practice and Visualize: There is no substitute for self-defense and mental training. There are great professional resources, but sometimes that is not a possibility. Visualize possible scenarios and what you would do in each situation. Practice techniques with a friend to bring the mental training to physical realization of the skills that will help. For real-world self-defense, I prefer Krav Maga that is tailored to real life self-defense situations with concepts and principles that can be learned quickly.  Many other self-defense practices focus on sport fighting, where there are rules and generally just one similar sized opponent. Unfortunately, life survival situations are not that fair. To share great self-defense programs or to hear about strong programs within the Phoenix Valley, send us a message! 

Strengthen your internal monologue and mentality through exercises:

  • As negative self-talk starts in everyday life, consciously replace unhealthy thoughts with healthy thoughts. 
  • When it comes to adrenaline and the fight or flight response, the way you view this feeling and chemical reactions going on inside your body, has a tremendous impact on its utility. Focusing this heightened awareness gives you strong advantage. See it as an asset!
  • Whether it is a survival situation or delivering a talk to a large group of people, exercises designed to control the scattered thoughts that can come with a surge of adrenaline can make a tremendous difference in keeping your head straight. A mindful focus can help in all scenarios. Click to read Mindfulness and Business Interaction.

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