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Our objective is to help those who have been abused, neglected, suffered loss and tragedy, or who live with anxiety and depression.  Not everyone has been given the tools or support they need to thrive.  At CYFworld, we focus on empowerment by sharing and providing resources to overcome obstacles that prevent you from having internal peace and genuine happiness, so that you can live to your fullest potential and unite, share, apply, and thrive with others. You always have a choice, Choose Your Fate.

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What are readers saying about Lulled?

"Lulled sticks reality right in your face and makes you consider what's going on in the world today"

"This book is about overcoming hardships, finding fulfillment, and in the end, finding peace with one's self."

"...I recommend, not just reading Lulled, but contemplating implications it presents." 

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